picture of me~somasis/rhizome


  • sfizz: Open source soundfont player using the .sfz format. I like it!
  • qutebrowser: Maybe the most promising alternative to major browsers. Keyboard-driven, but not restrictively so; I’ve started using it as of late, coming from being a long-time Firefox user, and I’ve really gotten into it.
  • XMascot: The most adorable program I’ve seen yet. I’ve tried to rehabilitate it a bit at somasis/xmascot, based off of the FreeBSD port’s upstream. Featuring my own attempt at translating the Japanese text to English, since the documentation had much more detail in its original Japanese than the English versions originally included.

things I’m up to:

  • I released some music…​ somasis - CHAMELEON.
  • One of my partners got a PS5 and I’ve been playing NieR: Automata and NieR: Replicant the past few months. They’re amazing and I love the story and the universe that’s been created within the games.
  • I stumbled into learning some Perl; I wrote two scripts, mimefilter, and a script for sending files to the trash, as specified by freedesktop.org. I haven’t really polished up the trash script much (nor am I using it instead of rm, yet…​) or else I’d link it here.
  • Related to the above two points: it turns out getting medication for long-undiagnosed ADHD helps. :)