picture of me~somasis/rhizome


  • catclock, an adorable xclock fork with a cat…​

  • unix50.org lets you ssh into old UNIX systems going all the way back to UNICS, from the summer of '69.

  • The Unix Command Language, the first paper ever published about the Unix shell. written by a certain ken thompson in 1976.

  • usand, an unshare(1)-based sandbox.

things I’m up to:

  • I started this lil blog thing.

  • I got ahold of The C Programming Language and 21st Century C, and I’l hopefully be reading it while working on some C utilities for some Mutiny work. I’ve got some vague experience working with C when it comes to patching other people’s projects, but not much in terms of writing from scratch.

  • Hopefully I will participate in Advent of Code for the first time this year?